The Hazarikas of Motijan





Khan Bahadur Sayedur Rahman married Herriza Akhtar (Jewel) of Kamarpati, Guwahati


Saleha Sayeda Rahman (age 75 in 2006) married Ataur Rahman, descendent

of Azizur Rahman

Mahboob Rahman married Alice

Rafia Rahman, married Riaz Hussain, Judge, and descendent of Haji Bibi who's father

was Ali Ahmed Hazarika

Sajidur Rahman married Bella, who was a descendent of Minoor Ali Hazarika.

Fatima Rahman married Dr. Quamrul Hussain Hazarika, MD, Ophthalmologist at All India

Institute of Medical Science, Delhi. A descendent of Minoor Hazarika.


Ayesha Rahman married Agha Nisamuddin Ahmed, grandson of Azizur Rahman

Abidur Rahman, Dentist married Shanaz Huq daughter of Shirajul Huq;  And sister of Nazmul Huq and Hamid Huq.

Khan Bahadur Sayedur Rahman was from Fauzdar Goan near Lakhtokia, Guwahati. His forefathers lived in this village. Fauzdar is an important rank that was assigned by the Mughal army. He was married on March 26, 1924 to Herira Akhtar (Jewel) from Kamarpati road, Lakhtokia, Guwahati.. They were married in Guwahati.

Khan Bahadur Sayedur Rahman grew up in Guwahati, attended Cotton College and then went on to Presidency College in Calcutta where he graduated with an MA as well as a law degree winning the gold medal for excellence in academics. He then returned to Dibrugarh, Assam to join his father Khan Bahadur Azizur Rahman who was a judicial magistrate. He joined the bar in Dibrugarh and became a leading lawyer in Assam.

Many years later he joined politics and was elected to the state legislature as MLA and became a Minister in Sir Syed Saadullah’s cabinet in Assam. He was the Minister of Finance and Revenue and during the second term became the Education Minister.

He then became a member of the Assam Public Service Commission. He was diabetic and died of complications of diabetes. He passed away in 1949 at the age of 52.

He was about 5feet 6 inches and stout. He loved to eat sweets and loved to cook Pulao and other fancy foods. He had an arranged marriage.

His wife Herriza Akhtar (Jewel) was educated in Shillong in a Bengali school, was the only daughter. She had five brothers. She was born in Guwahati and married when she was 14. She spent most of her time in Dibrugarh and Shillong. She loved to maintain her vegetable garden and spent most of her inside the house maintaining the house. Her in laws were very conservative and liked her to stay home. She was a very simple lady that dressed simply and loved to eat pan.

Herriza Akhtar’s (Jewel) mother was Beauty (Umdatun Nissa Rasul) who married Meer Musfi Hussain

Beauty’s brother was Ikram Rasul and they were first cousins of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (President of India in the 1970’s). Beauty andIkram Rasul’s mother Nasirun Nissa and Colonel Junnur Ali, were brother and sister. Nasirun Nissa married Md. Pir Baksh.

Beauty’s daughter Herriza Akhtar (Jewel) would be Fakhruddin’s niece and her daughter Saleha Rahman would be his grand niece. Saleha Rahman married Ataur Rahman. Also, Shamim Ara daughter of Ikram Rasul is Fakhruddin’s niece (married Shirajuddin Hazarika).

Parie Ahmed Hazarika (aka Pervez Ali Ahmed)


Khaleeludin Ahmed

Bano Begum


Khaleeludin Ahmed married Zebunnissa (Jersani)


Danish Md. Ahmed ( ? - March 27, 1909)

Colonel Junnur (aka Zalnur) Ali Ahmed, IMS (1847-1931)

Nasirun Nissa Ahmed (1850's- September 22, 1913)


Colonel Junnur Ali Ahmed married Roquia Sultan from Loharu, Haryana (related to the Nawab of Pataudi family):


Rafia Sultana Ahmed (1900-1991)

Hajra Sultan Ahmed (1903-1983)

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed May 13, 1905-February 11, 1977)

Jalaluddin Ali Ahmed (1906-1969)

Hamida Sultan Ahmed

Khujista Sultan Ahmed

Ahteramuddin Ali Ahmed (1914- ? )

Ahteshamuddin Ali Ahmed (Chamman) Nov. 15, 1915- 27 Feb., 1996 (good friend of Faiz Hazarika.)

Akhtar Ara Ahmed (1923- 15 October, 1976)

Shamsuddin Ali Ahmed (1924- 12 April, 1986)


Nasirun Nissa Ahmed married Jaliluddin Rasul (Md. Peer Baksh son of ShahJahan Ali of Gauhati) on April 17, 1886:


Beauty (Umdatun Nissa Rasul born May 20, 1870 married Meer Musaffi Hussain on April 23, 1886 at the age of 16.

Ikram Rasul married two or three times (father of Shamim Ara wife of Shirajuddin Hazarika) 25 September 1874 - 25 Sept.,1947

Anisur Rasul (December 7, 1876 -1933)

Jubdattan (December 29, 1881-July 17, 1942)

Admattan (December 31, 1884 - Feb. 25 1928)

Rafikur Rasul (6 April, 1886-1952)

Yiakuttan Nessa (Dec. 15, 1887- 1905)

Shafikur Rasul (May 20, 1890- Feb, 28, 1942)

Inamur Rasul (July 5, 1891-1984)

Tarinda Akhtar (Oct., 25,1892-Jan 31, 1972)

Zudatu Nissa Rasul        ??                           Qudatun Nissa Rasul      ??


Beauty - (Umdatun Nissa Rasul born May 20, 1870) married Meer Musaffi Hussain:
on April 23, 1886 at the age of 16: Beauty is Fakhruddin's first cousin.


Herriza Akhtar (Jewel) married Khan Bahadur Sayedur Rahman

Meer Tajjamul Hussain

Meer Muzmil (aka Majammal) Hussain

Meer Faruq Hussain

Meer Isfaque Hussain

Meer Hereiraakhtar Hussain


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